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Sleeping on the Stretching Machine:   Magnistretch by Magniflex

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Water Expanded Plant-based Foam
Dual Cotton Grande 12
Organic Cotton
Padding in Geomemory 2 cm
Padding in Super Soft Fiber
Mallow Foam 3 cm
Geomemory 5 cm
Ecogreen 16 cm
Geomemory 3 cm
Organic cotton
Organic cotton Ecogreen
Ecogreen Geomemory
Geomemory Super Soft Fiber
Super Soft Fiber Mallow Foam
Mallow Foam Dual core layer
3D Band
mallow extract provides soft, comfortable
support. Mallow has anti-inflammatory, calming
and soothing properties that make this material
a source of wellbeing for the nervous system.
Linen is the most suitable fibre for filling the
summer side of a mattress since it offers a
sensation of freshness when in contact with
the skin. Besides, thanks to its molecular
structure, linen manages to absorb the
moisture released by the body during sleep,
enabling it to evaporate.
High-density water-based foam is the latest,
highest quality material available on the
market. The exclusive open cell formulation
allows easy air circulation for optimal dispersion
of body heat. Its structure, extremely
enveloping, flexible and with high elastic
return, makes this foam durable over time.
Silk is certainly the finest and strongest
natural fibre, with great mechanical strength
and elasticity, even though it stays soft and
pleasing to the touch. One of the most loved
fabrics in the world, silk is an excellent
insulator ensuring warmth in winter and
freshness in summer.
Cashmere is a very soft animal fibre that
withstands dirt and, above all, dust. Its
extraordinary capacity to trap air gives it a
high degree of heat insulation which ensures
constant warmth also in winter months.
This foam has a high density microcellular
structure that combines elasticity and
breathability. Due to its special molecular
structure, Magnifoam is available in two
versions: a softer version (Eliosoft) and a
firmer version (Elioform).

Maestro Dual 14
The Maestro is the MOST LUXURIOUS mattress
ever shown in theSleepShop.

We are excited to introduce this incredible mattress to
the Tahoe/Truckee Meadows area.
Diamante 14
The mattress of the Supremo line offers an inimitable comfort, thanks
to the combination of different layers made up of Memoform, Magnigel
Foam, Elioform and Eliosoft. The refined cover in Outlast® and natural
Viscose, with its thermo-regulating capabilities, ensures maximum
airflow, for cool and refreshing nights. The mattresses of Supremo line
ensure an optimal rest, even when two people sleep together. With the
Dual Core technology, both partners can choose the comfort that is
right for each of them.