what makes furniture organic

It seems like everything has an organic option these days, but furniture often gets left out of available products.
Organic mattresses are an exception to this void in the organic movement. Replacing upholstered and stuffed furniture in your home with organic
versions can make your house a more safe and environmentally-friendly place to live. By removing chemical processes and buying organic and
sustainable,  you and your family can breathe easily.

What organic can mean

The label "organic," when applied to housewares or furniture, means that the plant fibers out of which the article has been made, including textiles,
stuffing and wood, were grown without pesticides and processed without chemicals that can harm the environment and you. If the furniture contains
animal ingredients such as wool, leather, or down, that animal was fed a pesticide-free diet. Organic doesn't always mean sustainably grown or
harvested, however, so keep that in mind when deciding your purchase.

How it benefits the planet

The pesticides required to profitably grow a conventional food or fiber crop can do serious damage to the soil, the water and the lives of all living
things that come in contact, not just the pests preying on the material. In addition, the polyurethane foam used to make conventional mattresses
releases pollutants in the atmosphere and water during manufacturing, and it continues to release toxins after the final product is in your home. At the
end of the mattress's useful life, it is tossed into a landfill where it will take up space for decades and leach contaminants into the soil, air, and water.
An organic mattress contains no hazardous pollutants, so you can rest easy knowing that your new bed did not—and will not—contaminate the planet.

How it benefits you

All these pollutants aren't only fouling water tables and animals' habitats. If you are sleeping on polyurethane foam all night you are inhaling methylene
chloride, a chemical that can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems, headaches, dizziness, and memory loss. Toxicologists agree that the
greatest danger people face today is building up a lifelong load of assorted toxins, any combination of which can cause immune-system failure and
liver or kidney disease. Off-gassing, the process by which volatile chemicals escape from polyurethane foam and other materials can be a significant
contributor to your chemical load. Organic bedding allows you to rejuvenate your body while taking at least eight hours off every night from
absorbing dangerous substances.

What it's made of

An organic mattress is made of a combination of certified organically grown cotton fibers, wool, and latex. The organic wool wicks away moisture
regulating your body temperature promoting a cool night’s sleep.  An organic mattress is typically encased in organic cotton fabric, which is
breathable and luxurious to the touch. These components are hypoallergenic and an organic latex mattress keeps its shape and firmness long after the
so-called "memory foam" forgets. Organic mattress manufacturers use high-quality, durable materials for a bed that provides comfort and safety for
many years.

What you can expect

Expect to do a little research before you begin shopping for an organic mattress, and to perhaps even be disconcerted by the amount of toxins
included in conventional mattresses. You can also expect to be favorably impressed by the variety and quality of organic mattresses. Even if you
ultimately buy online, try to check out some mattresses in person to get an idea of which level of firmness will work for you. And finally, expect a
relaxing, unpolluted night's sleep every night.

Buying organic furniture is an ongoing change you make in your life, and it doesn't all have to happen at once. The two most important purchases you
are likely to make for your home are your bed and your sofa. These items are critical because they are stuffed with potentially harmful materials and
because they are big-ticket items that you expect to keep in your home for several years. On the topic of prices, don't let a small cost savings now
sway you from the short- and long-term health and environmental benefits you can expect from organic furniture. It's never too late to upgrade, and
the effects of a toxin-free night can help you sleep soundly, comfortably, and confidently.
What is Organic Furniture?