March 1, 2017                          Is it time to break up with your bed?

Your relationship with your bed can be mystifying!  Here at our store, we can advise  what your next step should be!

  Signs that it's time to part!

) When you travel, the hotel mattress offers more comfort than you receive from the one you left behind!

) When you wake in the morning, you can't wait to crawl out of your uncomfortable bed!

)  Your sleep is disturbed by constant tossing and turning... the love you shared with your mattress is gone!


                                    )  Your back and/or joints feel beat up when you wake....that old mattress has it in for you!

)  Your recliner is a better sleep surface than the now lonely bed in your bedroom!

          ) The place in your mattress that felt perfect has become an obstacle course of sags and lumps

)  You feel crowded in that Full or Queen size bed....time to go big!

) You deserve the new mattress... put your current set in the guest room, and buy a new one just for you!
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