"TOXIC HOT SEAT is environmental filmmaking at its pinnacle—revealing, horrifying,
infuriating, compelling, and hopeful."
CineSource Magazine

Chemical flame retardants are everywhere. Our furniture. Our homes. Our bodies. But
do they work as promised? And are they making us sick?

The three chemical companies producing flame retardants would prefer that we not ask
these questions, and they've spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, Tobacco cover-up.
Which makes sense, since Big Tobacco has had a hand in this, too
Toxic Hot Seat HBO
From HBO
Good information re:
Toxins in people.

What to avoid in order to
make our homes family
1/10/15   About a pillow
pillows at the Sleep Shop
Reno NV
memory foam pillows
organic pillows
latex pillows
Memory foam, natural rubber latex, kapok, tencel, down?
Tip 1       Make sure the pillow is as clean (ie non-toxic) as possible
Plant-based foams and natural components are known to offer cleaner
sleep.  No need for toxic flame retardant

Tip 2       Test the pillow for comfort.  Side sleeper?  Make sure it doesn't push
your head up at an angle and misalign your spine.  
Back sleeper?  Your head should "drop back" to allow for an open air
passage.  Again, having your head pushed forward will be awkward in
addition to blocking your airways.   
Tummy sleeper?  Generally a flatter pillow surface is most
comfortable.  What we describe as a "squisher" seems to work best.

Tip 3        Buy from a brick and mortar store, if possible.  Then, you can stretch
out and determine for yourself the best level of comfort and support    

Luckily relief is available!
Organic and more environmentally friendly manufacturers
tend to have mattress names AND prices online.
So, when you come to the SleepShop,
models and pricing are transparent.  This gives you the
opportunity to make an educated choice and know that
you're not paying more!
No "Do we have a deal" nonsense; no "buy today or pay
more tomorrow":  just an opportunity to be in control of
your decision with the help of experienced sleep experts.
Not so much....attention-grabbing sales sound so immediate!  Buy  today, or pay more
tomorrow!  In reality, prices are known to be raised, then a percentage off sale is ready to
go. Transparency in the traditional mattress industry is nearly nonexistent, so it's
extremely difficult for consumers to determine the "best" price.  Shopping from
store-to-store is an exercise in futility, since the same or similar mattresses have
different names. Confusion reigns in the traditional mattress industry!!
The odds of you being treated in a fair and respectful manner are stacked against you as
soon as you enter the door!

Sheep wool is truly a miracle fiber, and one that seems to have been largely forgotten by consumers in the western world.
This is sad, since it has so many amazing applications for comfort and healing.
One of the most intriguing properties of wool is that it is composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin. This means
it works in complete harmony with your body's own protective mechanisms. It has natural recovery properties as well. Wool fibers are resilient and
springy, making them ideal for clothing  and bedding
Just as wool keeps sheep warm in winter, it can keep us warm. But more than that, wool has the amazing ability to moderate our body temperature. That
means that we neither get too hot or too cold when making use of wool. Our bodies expend less energy as a result, leaving us feeling more rested. This is
particularly noticeable after a night’s sleep. And if you are going through menopause and suffer hot and cold bouts while you sleep,  wool components  
can provide relief.
Wool also has tremendous ‘wicking’ properties. It can absorb and wick away up to 30% of its weight in moisture. Compare this to cotton that starts to feel
damp after about 15% of its weight in moisture is absorbed. Since studies show that we lose about a quart of moisture at night, it’s nice to know that wool’
s amazing properties can help our bodies to remove this moisture effortlessly.
Wool is also great when it comes to resisting mildew and mold. It repels moisture, and allows it to pass through its fibers leaving very little for molds and
mildews to grow on. This makes it wonderful in creating products that resist body odors and provide a healthier environment for users. Diabetics may
find that it provides relief, since there appears to be a connection between molds and the condition.
Wool is a nurturing, natural, hollow fibre that provides a soft cushioning layer for comfort. The coiled spring-like tubular structure of wool fibre allows
it to bend up to 20,000 times before breaking. As a result it provides a gentle flexible support and pressure relief while preventing shearing. It provides
the perfect solution for bedridden patients, dramatically reducing the incidents of bed sores.
Wool is also wonderful for use in pet products – offering comfort to young pets and to older pets.
Both benefit from wool’s comforting and healing properties.
Wool is durable, fire retardant, resists static, dirt and dust, and is non-allergenic. Wool is also sustainable and renewable.
Is it any wonder we call it the ‘miracle fiber’?
Wool  ~ the Miracle Fiber

January 12/2016
Many of us turn to hot beverages when we feel cold in the comfort of our home without thinking of the positive effect it can
have on our sleep that evening. Knowing what drinks can enhance sleep is not only beneficial for yourself but it is also
beneficial for your health too because you are avoiding sugary and fattening drinks at night.
Which drinks would help me sleep?
Herbal tea
There are a lot of herbal teas available which help you sleep however the more prominent flavours are: chamomile, lavender
and valerian root teas; these teas decrease your stress levels and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.
Cherry Juice
Cherry juice is believed to stimulate the sleep enhancing hormone; melatonin (a natural hormone which controls the sleep-wake
A study conducted by researchers from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University found that drinking cherry juice
increases both your sleep quality and sleep duration. 20 volunteers were given either a tart cherry juice or a placebo and were
told to consume 30ml twice a day for seven days. Urine samples of the participants were taking before, during and after the
study so the researchers could measure the levels of melatonin. Throughout the study participants had to wear an actigraphy
watch sensor which kept track of their sleep-wake cycles and they also had to keep a sleep diary.

After the seven days of drinking cherry juice, researchers found an increase of 15 to 16 percent of melatonin in the urine and
an added 25 minutes to their total sleep time. The cherry juice drinkers reported less daytime sleepiness and less nap times
compared to the placebo group.
Warm milk
Milk not only contains calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy, it also contains tryptophan (an essential amino acid that
produces the protein your body needs). Tryptophan is commonly known to give you the feeling of calm, relaxation and also
make you feel sleepy. A small glass of warm milk about 45 minutes before bed should put you in a relaxed state of mind and
leave you feeling ready for bed. To make your drink more exciting, try adding a teaspoon of honey or a couple of drops of
vanilla. By adding honey you will be promoting sleep as it shuts down your neurotransmitter hypocretin, which regulates your
alertness levels. Try this recipe.
balances your hormones, energy levels, muscles and joints which is why drinking a glass of water before bed is ideal. While be
fully replenished. However don’t drink too much water too close to bedtime otherwise you may find yourself waking up for
numerous toilet trips; try and drink no more than a small glass.
What drinks to avoid
At night try and avoid caffeine, energy drinks and alcohol. Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 8 hours which can really
affect your sleep so aim to only drink this beverage in the morning however if you do need a caffeine fix opt for decaf.
Personally we would say avoid energy drinks at all costs as they cause ‘peak’ and ‘crashes’ which can affect a person’s work
life and relationships due to the withdrawal of the caffeine and sugars. Some people believe that alcohol is a sleep enhancing
beverage, although it leaves you feeling drowsy and it sends you to sleep almost straight away, it doesn’t last all night. Your
metabolic rate is a lot faster resulting in several awakenings during the night for toilet breaks, more water (alcohol dehydrates
you) and you may also awaken yourself by your snoring, leaving you more tired and groggy in the morning.
Not Sleepy?
soothing tea for bedtime...
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What's in YOUR mattress?
August 2, 2016
For Angela and Jim Owen,
sleep is very personal.  Their company, Suite Sleep, is now
sourcing local, Colorado-grown wool. The beautiful lambs in
the photo will provide next years' wool for pillows,
mattresses and many other applications!
Visit the Sleep Shop to discover the beauty of these organic
sleep products.  
No need to be concerned about toxins for you and yours
when you invest in your health with Suite Sleep!
Meet the Lambs!!
Suite Sleep visits the lambs who will provide next year's wool for their marvelous products!

                                                                                              Angela Owen~ Suite Sleep
Sleep Diva Blog