Naturally Safe Sleep
Wool is the prized "Golden Fleece" sought in
ancient times. Today's lightweight wool fill is
equally prized for the new dimension it brings
to comforters, quilts, pillows, mattress pads,
and futons.
Like all pure wool bedding, wool fill feels
comfortable, offers superior insulation, resists
flames, and lasts a good long time. But it is
the crimp in the wool fiber that makes wool
fill especially versatile. Wool naturally forms
a cohesive batting without any chemical
binders. Bedding made of pure wool fill will
not lose its shape, separate into lumps, or
The natural, three dimensional structure of
wool - which could never be duplicated in a
factory - creates millions of air pockets to trap
warmth. This unique cellular arrangement not
only gives wool fill great insulating value, but
also allows it to absorb body vapor and diffuse
it to the atmosphere.
Compared to synthetics, which can absorb
moisture equal to merely 4% or less of their
weight, wool can absorb up to 30 % without
feeling cold or clammy. That's how wool fill
creates a natural comfort zone of dry, warm air
around the body to keep you comfortably
warmer, longer.

Wool fill retains its superior qualities, wet or
dry. Unlike down, which shifts into corners
and bunches when wet, wool fill stays fluffy
and evenly plump. Unlike synthetics, which
feel clammy when wet and flatten out with
wear, wool fill spares you uneven cold spots.
Wool fill is so resilient it consistently
outperforms synthetics such as polyester
fiber fill. In scientific tests, wool recovered
95% of its original thickness when
compressed. Synthetic substitutes recovered
67% to 79%. No matter how it is twisted,
crushed, or pulled, pure wool fill springs
back to its original lush thickness.
Suite Sleep Vesta Topper
Organic Cotton/Wool/Latex

Adding a topper to a too firm
mattress is a great way to have
more comfortable sleep!
While a plush, supportive topper
can add an amazing level of
comfort,it does not compensate
for a worn out mattress.
Magniflex Basic Topper
Magniflex Classic Topper
Magniflex Luxury Topper