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Naturally Safe Sleep
the Sleep Shop  Reno Nv   mattress store reno nv  organic mattress store
explore *natural rubber latex choices
no fillers or synthetic latex
Organic mattresses bring natural comfort for better sleep.   Natural rubber latex maintains it's integrity for many years...combined with
organic cotton covers and natural wool as a flame retardant you and your family members can enjoy a clean bedroom!

The Serenity is made of three  3” layers of all-natural Dunlop
and/or Talalay natural latex, in personalized combinations of
Soft, Medium and/or Firm .
The sturdy  organic cotton casing has organic  wool batting
quilted inside.
The wool fill promotes a cooler, drier environment and more
comfortable sleep. The Savvy Rest Organic casing closes with
a strong  brass  zipper.
free shipping in the contiguous US
adjustable base the Sleep Shop Reno NV
organic pillows  the Sleep Shop Reno NV
the Sleep Shop Reno NV  organic sheets
Ingeniously over-engineered for years of support.

MAXX takes cues from traditional high-end mattress crafting; employing proven
and durable coil engineering.
MAXX provides the true support your lifestyle requires with the craftsmanship that
will truly last year after year.
The MAXX sleep surface starts with ultra-high density plush foam in combination
with select all-natural Talalay latex.  Atop this base rests a soft-touch top layer of
4-way stretch polyester rayon blend with an underlayment of  100% Joma wool - the
natural choice for thermoregulation and moisture control.  This unique quad-layer
construction provides a highly durable sleep surface with just the right amount of
give and spring-back response - with none of that sinking feeling.

The Max. Conform collection features the Samson encased coil system, ultra high
density foam in combination with 100% natural talalay latex, and Joma wool.  

Environmentally-Friendly materials designed for
consistent comfort and spinal alignment
*local delivery or pick up only
the Sleep Shop Reno NV  plant-based memory foam
Naturally Safe ingredients used in the Nostalgia Mattresses
Timeless Look with Everlasting Quality

The inspiration for the Nostalgia mattress line is the 1950's
Remember when beds were made with true intent for quality.
Craftmanship and quality were more revered than corporate profits and
the same holds true for the Nostalgia 1950's collection.
The collection is made with natural rubber latex and durable, soft
organic cotton along with wool which conforms, supports and keeps
our temperature more even.
organic mattress  natural rubber latex organic cotton mattress
the Soft Nest
organic cotton cover
4 x 2" layers of natural rubber latex
your choice of comfort
firm, medium or plush
Cozy Nest
give me the simple life!!
organic cotton
micro coils
no foam in this organic mattress
made for:

Organic at it's best!  4 layers...choose your comfort level!
Our best-selling combination=  
2" soft latex+3" medium latex+3" medium latex+ 3" firm latex
The Nostalgia mattress conforms with an adjustable bed better than any others I've ever sold!   Karen Woods  Sleep Diva
Churchill and Smith Natural Line  Plush or Firm
Talalay Latex/ Quad Coil    
Best Seller
Churchill & Smith uses pocketed spring coils because they produce an exceptionally comfortable and supportive mattress.  However not all coils are the same and we
only use the top of the line.  The coils we use in our mattresses are exceptional due to the patented manufacturing process that ensures quality, comfort, and
consistency in every single pocket spring.  The patented pocket spring creates a strong and stable inner-spring that is as comfortable as it is easy to handle in the
fabrication process.

Due to the patented manufacturing process, the possibility of leaning coils has been eliminated which results in a consistent feel and a first class support system. The
Belted Pocket Spring Technology in which 4 coils are banded together by the center seam, creating a QuadCoil module, ensuring no leaning coils and maximum
function of each coil. The patented pocket coil manufacturing system also eliminates the need to turn the coil in its pocket during the manufacturing process which
reduces the stress on the non-woven fabric that encases the coil. This system creates a center closing seam which eliminates false loft crated by the top seam in
conventional pocket coil construction.
Vintage Dunlop Latex ad....it's been a great bedding product for decades!