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Magniflex Italian mattresses are the most luxurious, environmentally sound, and technologically advanced
visco-elastic and foam mattresses available today:

° proper air circulation keeps you cool and comfortable - most memory foam products can be uncomfortably hot
as memory foam retains heat. Magniflex products maintain proper air circulation using Airyfoam technology to
ensure a comfortable sleep experience.

° foams are manufactured using water -not solvents - Magniflex uses water in it's manufacturing process, and
unlike solvent based memory foam products, there are no harmful chemical by products which off gas as you

° hypo allergenic and environmentally safe - Magniflex products meet the highest environmental textile standard
in the world: Oeko-Tex® standard 100 in Germany. Magniflex mattresses contain no harmful chemicals,
carcinogens, skin irritants, allergens, or items which promote the growth of moulds or dust mites, and are also
free of neurotoxic flame retardants such as PBDE's. For more information on Oeko-Tex, visit their web site at:

° made in Italy - your sign of quality - Magniflex is the largest manufacturer of foam based mattresses in Italy
with over 50 years of experience. Some manufacturer's produce their mattresses offshore and "brand" them.
Some North American companies import inexpensive foam and assemble in the US, and then place a "Made in
the USA" tag on their products. Magniflex mattresses are 100% manufactured and assembled in Italy, and have
satisfied over 30 million consumers worldwide