Naturally Safe Sleep
Sleeping on the Stretching Machine:   Magnistretch by Magniflex
Water Expanded Plant-based Foam

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Mattress Diamante 14 is the part of Supremo collection from
Magniflex.The Supremo collection is an elegant and sophisticated
edition created for those who are uncompromising in their search
for maximum relaxation. All models are accurately studied down to
the tiniest detail and their linear refinement is flanked by the
exclusive properties of the materials and fabrics with
which they are manufactured.
Additional information: * 1/2" Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast
* 1" Memoform (memory foam) * 1" Super Soft Fiber * 11/2"
Magnigel * 2" Memoform (memory foam) * 3" Eliosoft (soft
support foam) * 3" Elioform (firm support foam) * 2" Memoform
(memory foam)
Diamante 14 Dual Core
The Dolce Vita Dual Comfort series offers two sides of varying
support. The Dual Comfort 12 has a 12 inch profile and consists
of two parts; a firm side, and a soft side. Ideal for couples with
different comfort needs.

- Made in Italy
- Soft side: 4 cm Memoform, 8 cm Elioform, and 8 cm Memoform
- Firm side: 8 cm Memoform, 8 cm Elioform, and 4 cm
- 100% hypoallergenic and breathable fibre padding
- Insulating sheet in cotton mix
- Removable/washable viscose cover
- Quilted for extra comfort
- Vacuum sealed to maintain quality and reduce volume during
transport, thereby reducing CO2 emissions
- 20 year warranty