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Height: 9''
Level of comfort: Firm
Cover: Viscose
Warranty: 20 years
Certifications: OEKO - MADE IN ITALY
1/2'' Cover in Viscose natural fiber made from wood
1'' Memoform (memory foam)
1/2'' Super Soft fiber
7'' Elioform (firm support foam)
Water Expanded Plant-based Foam
Magni 12
the Sleep Shop Reno Magniflex mattress,
Magniflex memroy foam mattress,
Magniflex Magni 12 mattress,
memory foam mattress

The Magni 12 mattress - part of the Classico
collection - offers a luxurious medium night's sleep
at a price that defies its luxury.
6 layers of padding & fiber:
Elioform layer for firm spinal support
Eliosoft layer for medium spinal support
First memofoam layer
Hypoallergenic and breathable quilted foam layer for
plush comfort 2nd memofoam layer of padding for
resiliency Soft, absorbent, and anti-static viscose
cover Each mattress offers the highest eco-friendly
standards backed by European certifications,
including an Oeko Tex certification, which
acknowledges the absence of substances which are
toxic or harmful to humans and the environment.
Magniflex offers a 20-year limited warranty on all of
their mattresses Made in Italy since 1964 (Tuscany to
be exact)

Dual Cotton Grande 12

The Magniflex Cotton Caresse Dual 12 is covered
with Organic cotton knit, has Memofoam, Mallow
foam, Geomemory,Aloe Vera and Soy-based Ecogreen
support foam.Each Magniflex mattress offers the
highest eco-friendly standards backed by European
certifications, including an Oeko Tex certification,
which acknowledges the absence of substances which
are toxic or harmful to humans and the environment.
Stop by our store to experience the comfort that
Magniflex mattresses offer.
*20% off through 8/18/2016
*not good with any other offers

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Diamante 14
The Ultimate in Luxury
Magniflex Dual Cotton Grande 12
Green memory foam
oekotex certified
memory foam
tempurpedic memory foam
Diamante 14
Diamante 14
° proper air circulation keeps you cool and
comfortable - most memory foam products can be
uncomfortably hot as memory foam retains heat.
Magniflex products maintain proper air circulation
using Airyfoam technology to ensure a comfortable
sleep experience.

° foams are manufactured using water -not solvents -
Magniflex uses water in it's manufacturing process,
and unlike solvent based memory foam products,
there are no harmful chemical by products which off
gas as you sleep.

° Hypo allergenic and environmentally safe -
Magniflex products meet the highest environmental
textile standard in the world: Oeko-Tex® standard
100 in Germany. Magniflex mattresses contain no
harmful chemicals, carcinogens, skin irritants,
allergens, or items which promote the growth of
moulds or dust mites, and are also free of neurotoxic
flame retardants such as PBDE's. For more
information on Oeko-Tex, visit their web site at:
Naturally Safe Beds
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Imagine a Stretching Machine: a device that makes you lengthen and stretch, thus
soothing tensions and pain. Now imagine that all this can occur in the gentlest, most
painless way: while you sleep. Then imagine that all this is certified and proven by
academic research.Now, stop imagining.
The Stretching Machine does exist.
Welcome to the new era of stretching: Magnistretch (italian version).
Loyal to its history, Magniflex has made another step forward towards an
all-embracing concept of well-being, which starts from the bed and moves to all the other aspects of life. Thanks to a long
series of ergonomic tests developed with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Saragossa University, Magniflex has
developed a mattress that can foster the elongation of the back spine and the stretching of the lumbar, dorsal and cervical
vertebrae as well as of the legs.
All this as a result of the action of inclined section layers which use the body weight and do “stretching“,
thus soothing contractions and pain.
Particularly suitable for athletes, Magnistretch is a mattress that can improve everybody’s well-being, because a relaxing
massage ensures benefits not only to the athletes, but also to those who are desk bound.
Not only are the consumers guaranteed by the Saragossa University certification: Magnistretch also holds the OEKO-TEX
for the absence of toxic substances.
Sleeping on the Stretching Machine:   Magnistretch by Magniflex