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GS-71 Adjustable Bed Base
Product Features:

Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions;    Battery Backup;      Fits Inside Most
Standard Bed Frames;     Gravity Release Safety Feature;         
Platform Bed Compatible;      One Touch Flat Button;       Greater  Lift Capacity;
Heavy-Duty steel frame for max lifting that’s evenly distributed  according to size;
Twin & TwinXL 450 lbs., Full & FullXL 500 lbs.,  Queen 600 lbs., Split King, Cal King,
& Split Queen 900 lbs., and Single Piece King 600lbs.   
Exclusive Wall Defender Technology    LED Under-Bed Lighting                             
Zero-G Preset Position
One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to  promote circulation
and relieve pressure off of the lower back.   
Head and Foot Massage     Massage Wave Mode      Recessed Premium Wood Legs    
USB Outlets     TV Preset Position    Lounge Preset Position   Two Personal
Programmable Position   Program two additional favorite positions into memory for
instant recall.         LED Flashlight on Remote
Best Seller
super quiet motor!!
WSP has long been known in the bedding marketplace as a
responsible and green manufacturer, focused on achieving the
highest quality standards as an ISO certified manufacturing
facility.  W. Silver Products is a family owned and operated
business established in 1969.  We pride ourselves in fast and
on-time delivery direct from our warehouses.  What sets us apart
from the rest is that we own our own steel mill, so our products
are direct from the mill to you, helping control costs in the supply
chain.  Our steel is produced from recycled USA railroad tracks,
an environmentally and sustainable method of production.  We
Our adjustable beds meet the same high standards as our
traditional bed frames but bring a lifestyle to bedding that offers
much more than sleep alone.  Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore, and
get completely Rested in our Silver and Gold Series beds.
A Family Owned and Family Operated Company.  Founded in 1969.
Fast and on Time Delivery.  Ships direct from W. Silver Warehouse.
Direct from Our Steel Mill to You.  Most of our steel manufactured products originate from
our own mill
We employee responsible manufacturing practices using green technologies.  
All of our steel is recycled from retired US railroads in our own mill.
Full Range Head & Foot       
Wireless – 16 Button Back-Lit Remote
Platform Bed Compatible
Dual Massage
Zero Gravity
Lounge Position
TV Setting
Full Range Head & Foot
Wireless – 6 Button Back-Lit Remote
Platform Bed Compatible
GS-50 Adjustable Bed Base
Product Features:

Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions
Ease aches and pains and relax in comfort with full range head or foot positions,
accommodate any sleep position. Raise your head to reduce snoring and relieve neck tension.
Wireless Backlit Remote Control
Operate your adjustable base by a remote, that can raise or lower your head and feet
independently, or together.  The Flat Button lowers the bed with a single touch.
Battery Backup
During a power outage, the battery backup feature lowers the bed to a flat position with the
touch of a button.
Fits Inside Most Standard Bed Frames
Allows you to keep your current wood or metal side rails.   Simply put the lifestyle base into
your current side rails.
Gravity Release Safety Feature
The gravity release safety feature lowers the mattress by  gravity, never powering downwards
to minimize pinch points.
Recessed Steel 2 Piece Legs
Provide additional safety and keep you from hitting you toes when making the bed by locating
the feet in from the edges.
Adjustable Leg Height 4” or 8”
Upgraded Silver Series Models are supplied 4” or 8” legs that  can be configured as a low
profile bed or normal height.   Provided Standard on GS-50 and GS-61, GS-71 is compatible
with recessed legs but is provided with premium wood legs.
Platform Bed Compatible
Engineered with “zero-clearance” to allow your lifestyle base  to sit on top of your platform
style bed base.
One Touch Flat Button
Quick and easy one touch flat feature to lower your lifestyle  base to a flat position.
Ultimate Deck-on-Deck Design Features
With this lifestyle adjustable base style comes standard with the  beautiful deck-on-deck
design blends with any bedroom décor.
Upholstery Grade Fabric (Mocha or Graphite)
Head board brackets are compatible with most standard bed frames.  Or, you can use your
existing headboard and footboard and simply place this lifestyle changing adjustable base inside
your existing rail system.
Headboard Brackets Optional
Each Comfort-N-Motion lifestyle adjustable base is finished with an upholstery grade fabric
that cleans easily and will provide years of satisfaction.  Available in Mocha or Graphite.
Greater  Lift Capacity
Heavy-Duty steel frame for max lifting that’s evenly distributed  according to size, Twin &
TwinXL 450 lbs., Full & FullXL 500 lbs.,  Queen 600 lbs., Split King, Cal King, & Split
Queen 900 lbs., and Single Piece King 600lbs.
Extended 1-3-20 Limited Warranty
You can rest assured with the 20 year premium limited warranty  that comes standard with in-
home service.